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My name is Jesse Saltarelli;


From a young age I have had a desire to create, but it took a long time to find leather as the clear fit. I played a lot of soccer from early on through college, so when that phase of my life ended, I began the hunt for a new creative outlet. Seeing and experiencing the value of the work of human hands, I knew that I wanted to put mine to good use. 

In the winter of 2018 a coworker gifted me some old tools for leatherwork and some scraps to play around with. From the start of my first project I knew I was in love with the material, and with the work. The feel of leather on my hands and the beautiful repetition of hand-stitching are experiences that continue to bring me life. From the start, I have valued using Vegetable Tanned leathers (materials produced by utilizing the most natural means to obtain a strong, vibrant leather and minimizing the chemicals) for all of my work. I want to use only the best quality materials from the most ethically-upstanding tanneries and suppliers. 

After getting a grasp on basic techniques and completing several projects that I felt comfortable giving as gifts, my wife asked if I had ever considered turning this hobby into a business. As soon as she asked the question I recognized in my heart a desire to make that a reality. Due to fear of failure and financial burden to my family, I had buried that dream; however, being reminded that I had the undying support of my wife was the confidence I needed to get New House Leather Works underway. 


My goal is to make sturdy, lasting leather goods that serve a simple lifestyle. My desire is that every design be functional, useful and beautiful. The beauty and versatility of leather gives it timeless value - a value I hope you will come to enjoy in New House. 


Thank you for visiting. Feel free to contact me anytime.







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